Blue, red, yellow, and green, all colours you’d expect to see on a tipper grab. But pink? We can’t say we have ever built a vehicle like this before. But for one of our most valued customers, Tom Grant, we’ve built just that. 

For Tom, we’ve fitted our signature Kel-Berg Grab Loader Install, complete with Epsilon M125 Classic Crane, Edbro TS Underfloor Tipping Gear Kinshoffer bucket and a full length galvanised sub-frame, to his Scania P410 chassis which was supplied to him by Scania West Pennine.

Tom wanted something special for his daughter so the cab has been wrapped in a custom Tom Grant livery, matched with a pink body which is sure to make this vehicle stand out on-site and on the road. 

To top it off we’ve fitted it with a Kelsa Hi-Bar making this truck look like quite the mean machine!

Thank you to Tom Grant for his continued business throughout the years, we’re glad to have been involved in building such a unique vehicle.