A Scania G500 XT 8x4 c/w Kel-Berg Grab Loader install delivered to SJB Construction Ltd in Scotland. This vehicle is fitted with:

  • Low Entry Front Bulkhead
  • Steel Tool Box
  • Front Mounted Body Step

Ordered: 22/01/2020 | Delivered: 11/09/2020 | Salesman: Simon Hall

How do you and your driver’s find our products on/off site?

Our drivers like the quality of the Kel-Berg product and the fact that it is engineered for the work they do and not just adapted from a bulk standard specification. They like to robustness of construction and the care taken over the small details and the quality of the finished product.


How has your overall experience with Kel-Berg been over the years and why do you continue to choose us?

We choose Kel-Berg for our fleet because they initially took time to understand our needs and requirements, worked with us through the specification of ancillary items and produce a product on time with a quality that is recognised in it’s residual value when we come to replace the trucks.

We continue to use Kel-Berg because the personal attention to each order ensures nothing is missed and the delivered product is exactly as specified. They provide a complete service negating the need to get additional suppliers involved for different accessories.


How do you find our aftersales care with regard to parts and issues?

Again, the personal service extends to their aftercare and any issues we have had are quickly dealt with. I am pleased to put on record that we have rarely needed their aftercare service.


With regard to your latest acquisition, how satisfied have you been with the process start to finish and the final product?

Our latest acquisition was a Scania G500. Despite the ongoing global pandemic that developed since placing our order, we where kept involved at all stages of the development of the truck, still had a factory visit to see it’s construction and the sense of occasion when taking delivery of the new truck was still there despite the many new challenges and restrictions that are in place now.

- Rupert Armes | SJB Construction Ltd (Salesman: Simon Hall)