John Coles at Buryhill Landscaping Supplies was in need of truck that he could carry high volumes of topsoil bags. Our solution was a purpose built Kel-Berg grab loader with a bespoke aluminium body.

John's Comments:

How do you and your driver’s find our products on/off site?

My drivers and I are really happy with the quality of the build. We’re very happy with the 17-tonne pay load. We can get 25 bulk bags on a rigid vehicle, which is 9 more than we can normally get on! We can also bring loose products back to the yard as a backload, making it a very economical truck.

How has your overall experience with Kel-Berg been over the years and why do you continue to choose us?

Experience has always been very good with Kel-Berg. The helpful and knowledgeable staff are always happy to answer queries and tweak the specification of the lorry during development, which helps with the stress of the situation.

 How do you find our aftersales care with regard to parts and issues?

Aftersales has been very good. Recently we have had a minor issue with the crane which has been rectified promptly, which we appreciate greatly.

 With regard to your latest acquisition, how satisfied have you been with the process start to finish and the final product?

 I am very happy with the latest purchase and will be ordering another truck for March next year!

- John Coles | Owner/Director @ Bury Hill Landscape Supplies Ltd (Salesman: Ronnie Verner)