A fresh Kel-Berg 4-axle low loader sent to NB Clark in Northumberland.

Based in Northumberland, construction firm N B Clark is busy moving plant with their new Kel-Berg machine carrier.

N B Clark is a firm of many disciplines. Founded in 1965, the company remains a family-owned business whose core activity is the construction of commercial buildings and houses. Over their fifty-six-year tenure, demolition, civil engineering and recycling have been integrated into the company making N B Clark a truly all-encompassing construction firm. As such, the company has grown to a fifteen-strong fleet of vehicles that is a mix of rigid, artic, and plant equipment.

N B Clark’s current low loader had come to the end of its time and so the business required a new piece of equipment to continue renewing their fleet. N B Clark uses their low-loader trailers to transport heavy plant such as crushers, screeners, and excavators to the various contracts they are servicing, or to deliver hired equipment to external jobs.

The trailer acquired is Kel-Berg’s latest offering to the market, a 4-axle machine carrier with double flip-toe ramps. Capable of carrying up to 56-ton payload (STGO CAT 2) and extending up to 6 meters, this machine carrier gives N B Clark the flexibility needed to transport plant equipment of varying dimensions and weight. The equipment features galvanized lashing points along with the entire trailer with additional stake holes and lashing holes in the bed.

Duncan Clark, the owner of N B Clark, said he chose Kel-Berg because “the trailer looked to have the same good qualities we are used to in the other low loaders we have used”. Clark continues, “I have spoken to others about Kel-Berg and they have said their equipment comes with good backup which is very important”.