New Kel-Berg 4 12ton Axle Single Extending Trailer

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Air suspension with two rear steering axles.

12 ton BPW axles.

Single incremental extensions up to 6,100mm.

Overall length 13,500mm plus 6,100mm extension.

Width 2.550 standard, 3,140mm with outriggers extended.

900 mm Deck height

1250mm 5th wheel height.

14 sets of galvanised lashing rings.

11 sets of galvanised outriggers.

7 sets of holes prepared for twist locks.

Demountable aluminium sides on gooseneck.

Double flip toe ramps C/w power side slide.

Steel grade S355 J2+N.


Trailer dimensions:

Overall length closed: 13,500 mm, Single extension maximum: 6,100 mm.

Incremental extension lengths: 250-1000-2000-2250-3065-4000-4500-5000-6100mm.

Deck lengths: gooseneck 4,200mm, lower deck 9,300mm.

Deck heights: gooseneck 1,420mm, lower deck 850mm unladen

Deck widths: gooseneck 2,550mm, lower bed 2,550mm.

Flip ramps: main ramp 2,750mm, toe 1,500mm, total length 4,150mm, width 800mm.

Fifth wheel height: 1,250mm.

Kingpin position: twin position 540mm or 1,600mm.

Make / Model

Kel-Berg 4 axle step frame single extension semi trailer.


12 ton BPW axles on drum brakes

Air suspension with raise and lower valve

3rd & 4th axle self tacking rear steer with auto locking over speed of 40km/h, also when reverse is selected.



Brake system:

A two line pressure system with standard C couplings mounted on the front of the chassis. WABCO 4S3M EBS / ABS, load sensing valve meets automatic load-dependant brake regulations, spring-loaded parking brake.

WABCO RSS roll stability support system.


Electric systems:

24 Volt electrics are fitted with two 7 pin ISO and one ABS / EBS sockets fitted to front of trailer.

ASPOCK LED light system 

4 x 3 chamber lights

1 x fog light

2 x reverse lights

LED beacon lamp

4 x expendable overload boards with LED lights


Wheels & Tyres:

16 steel wheel rims, fitted with 16 off premium 235/75R17.

Spare wheel & tyre mounted on head board.

Landing legs:

Low maintenance, S-foot with crank on offside.

Fixing points:

9 pair of pull out galvanised deck rings on lower deck ,

5 pair of pull out lashing rings on the top deck

11 sets of galvanised outriggers

7 sets of holes prepared for twist locks


Chequer plate & hardwood finish.


One pair of steel double flip toe rear ramps.

2,750mm & 1,500mm.

80 mm wide.

60mm hardwood infill.

Fixed support legs.

Hydraulically operated C/w powered side slide in and out.



Single spine box chassis manufactured from high tensile steel, for maximum loading length + 4100 mm

Gooseneck with rear chamfer 500 mm

single extendable loading platform with a loading length of 8755 mm to plus 6000 mm

Locking by spring brake cylinder

The supply lines are laid inside the centre spine and adapt to the length of the loading platform

 Gooseneck with chamfer corners and a Steel headboard



The trailer in shot blasted and degreased prior to be painted.

Painting consists of  zinc primer  epoxy primer  and 2K painting

All the required conspicuity markings in accordance with our Whole Vehicle Type Approval.

Additonal Items:

Spare wheel & Tyre assemble with holder at the headboard of the trailer.

Demountable aluminium sides on gooseneck.

Two wheel chocks with carrier on headboard.

Fire extinguisher holder on front headboard.

2" JOST kingpin.

Stainless steel toolbox.

Outrigger Boards.

Twist Locks.

Working at height safety system.

1650 x 60.3 x 5mm Wall Stick Poles.

Aluminium ramps.

Lift axle.