Vehicle Summary

The Kel-Berg Grab Loader is one of our most popular products. An installation that is compromised of industry-leading components and designed with strength and longevity in mind, it is a vehicle that's truly capable of dealing with all your muckaway needs.

Kel-Berg bodies are full length and manufactured using HARDOX 450 steel, giving it extraordinary strength whilst remaining light. This is lifted using the Edbro TS Underfloor Tipping Gear. For the crane, a Palfinger Epsilon M125 Classic.

This all mounted on Kel-Berg's signature galvanised sub-frame. The galvanisation ensures corrosion and rust of the sub-frame is no longer a problem for you. Finally, we fit all of this to a Volvo FMX 420 8x4 Chassis.

We have full WVTA for our grab trucks, allowing us to get your vehicle ready quicker than the competition.

Click SPEC SHEET (PDF) above for a full technical specification for this vehicle.

Code Item Name Description
KB10R Steel Toolbox Bower lockable 800 x 300 x 600 mm steel toolbox finished in black.
KB11R Air Operated Locking Bar 4 tab air operated locking bar with incab switch and cover shroud.
KB14R Mirror Guards S&F Stainless steel mirror guards for side mirrors.
KB22R Lower door side window S&F Lower door side window on N/S
KB4R 4 mm Liner Full length 4 mm HARDOX internal side plates for body.
KB5R Low Entry Bulkhead Low entry front bulkhead with step and handle on crane.
KB6R Manual Whacker Carrier Glavanised chassis mounted manual whacker carrier, Fitted to NS when possible.
KB7R Air Assited Whacker Carrier Galvanised chassis mounted, air assisted whacker carrier. Fitted NS when possible.
KB8R Air Operated Coupling S&F Rockinger / Jost air operated coupling. Air & Electrics to rear CA coupling.
KB9R Tar Hatches Twin tar hatches fitted with manual levers.
Code Item Name Description
AES10R 4 Way Camera & Side Scan S&F Brigade 4 way camera system, cycle scan and audible left turn warning (record only).
AES11R Kelsa Equipment S&F Kelsa Equipment
AES12R Overhead Cable Detector S&F Overhead electric power cable detector.
AES13R Tow Bar S&F Tow bar with 7 pin electric plug.
AES14R Tial Handwash S&F Handwash with hot water.
AES15R Handley Horns S&F 22" Handley Horns.
AES1R Front & Rear S&F of twin LED amber at the front & rear on vehicle.
AES20R 4" Slim Line LED Roof Beacon 4" Slim line LED roof mounted amber beacon with DAF in cab switch.
AES21R 4" Standard LED Roof Mounted Beacon 4" Standard LED roof mounted amber beacon with DAF in cab switch.
AES22R Twin roof mounted beacons S&F Tin roof mounted rotating beacons.
AES2T Reversing Lights S&F of twin rear white LED trailer reversing lights c/w switch.
AES3R Rear Strobes S&F Rear facing twin LED amber strobes.
AES4R Front Strobes S&F Forward facing twin LED amber strobes.
AES6R Work Lights x 2 S&F Twin worklights with switch located on NS.
AES6R Work Lights x 2 S&F Twin worklights with switch located on NS.
AES7R White Noise Siren S&F White noise reversing siren, wired to reverse lights.
AES8R Reverse Camera S&F Single view reverse camera on rigid.
AES9R Loading Camera S&F Loading camera in body (does not include monitor).
FLTFOCUS 4 way camera system S&F Live streaming 4 way camera system
Code Item Name Description
INCH1T Requested Livery S&F Livery as per your request & signed off proof.
INCH2R Requested Livery S&F Livery as per your request & signed off proof.
INCH3 Caution Boards S&F Side guard yellow "Keep Clear" cautious boards.
SMUK1M Rear Cycle Sign S&F Illuminated cycle sign when turning left.
Code Item Name Description
BART2T Body Paint - Metallic To paint body paint in base coat and lacquer (RAL CODE)
BART4R Body Paint - Single Colour To paint body in single flat colour (RAL CODE). Including RAM
BART6R Paint Aditional Rigid Items To paint additional items. Including Front Bumper, Headlightt Surround, Drop Wings
BARTGALV Painting of Galvanised Wings Paint rear mud valances to match body FOC
Code Item Name Description
ALCO4R Brushed / Machine Rims 8 x Duro outside 4 machine inside drive axles.
ALCO5R Polished Rims 12 x LvL1 polished on all axles.
FENSMIRROR Fensel Mirror Fixed on the passenger 95
SPAREBULDKIT Spare buld kit Box of spare bulds 80
TYREXCH Tyre exchange Exchange current tyre for customer choice ?
WHELNUTIND Yellow nut indicator Yellow push on yellow nut indicators x 40
Code Item Name Description
TRANC3R Transcover Electric Sheet Electric front to back sheet with steel arms & net.
Code Item Name Description
VWS3R VWS Weigh System 3 way system with 2 cells and hydraulic transducer.