New Kel-Berg Pressed steel body stepframe scrap Trailer

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  • On-board weigh system with chassis display
  • Gull wing sheet
  • Front lift axle
  • Low tare weight
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  • 2 Years chassis warranty
  • New pressed body design
  • High tensile lightweight steel step frame chassis
  • SAF Disk 
  • PM Weigh system with chassis display
  • Gull wing split sheet with manual wind handles 


Stepframe Scrap Trailer T25_7625


Bogie Design Weight:                    27000kg

Kingpin Design Weight:                 16000kg

Chassis Dimensions:

Wheelbase: 7025mm

Chassis Construction:

I-beam profiles in Quality high tensile steel at 1300mm centres for improved stability. Cross members are also in high tensile steel U-section profiles. The total concept gives a strong and flexible chassis. Retractable under run bumper, Aluminium side guards fitted both sides

Chassis Finish:

Chassis is shot blasted to DIN standard. Primed using I.C.I two pack primer. Finish paint is gloss / I.C.I two pack paint system.


We offer the following three choices of axle manufactures.


SAF INTRADISC plus INTEGRAL 9 ton on/off road use, The INTERGRAL is a two-piece brake disc that is manufactured by compound casting from different materials, which is gentler on the material prolonging the service lift of the pads and disc.


Air suspension with raise and lower valve

Brake System:

2 line air pressure system with Knorr EBS, Electronic brake system.

Spring brakes on 2 axles. ABS sensors on two axles, C and CA couplings mounted on chassis front. Park and shunt valve

Electric System:

24 volt HELLA lighting system. 2 off per side Hella 3-chamber lights. 1 off each Hella fog light and reverse light. 2 off Hella number plate light. 2 off Hella end outline marker lights. 2 Hella front marker LED lights mounted on chassis. Hella side marker LED lights fitted to C & U regulation.Rear marker plates and reflectors. 2-7 pin ISO plugs and 1 ABS/EBS plug mounted separately.


6 off Premium Radial 385/65R22.5. Wheels are steel 120 mm off set 11.75 x R22.5. Natural Finish.

Mud Wings:

6 off high quality plastic wings mounted on bolt on wing stays with 2 mud flaps.

Landing Legs:

2 off Jost modular E 300 low maintenance with rocker feet and 2 speed gearbox.

Tipping Ram:

EDBRO CS tipping ram is fitted to the front bulkhead

Tipping ram finished in chassis colour

Body Description:

The body is made from Hardox with the following dimensions:

3 off 70x70x6mm angles in the floor

The floor is all made out of Hardox 450

Floor is 5mm 

Gantry to front of body for health and safety reasons

Rear door as 2 locking hooks and 2 locking handles

Body Finish:

Body is finished in single top coat, Ral 7016 Grey 


Kel-berg designed their trailers to incorporate a wider than normal main rail centres of 1300 mm which gives improved stability while tipping.



ALCOA aluminium wheel rims



24 month on chassis and body for cracks.

36 Month on tipping ram.